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The bearing technology of the fan

Publish Time:2017-10-24

1. ---- Dual Ball Bearing

Dual Ball Bearing use two ball bearings, rolling friction instead of traditional sliding friction, so the friction force is small, no lubricating oil and no oil leakage problem. Its advantages are: long service life, good resistance to aging and suitable for high speed fans. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing cost is high and the noise is the most.

2. ---- ONE Ball Bearing

ONE Ball Bearing is an improvement to the traditional oil bearing. It adopts the form of sliding friction and rolling friction, and uses a ball bearing + an oil bearing to reduce the cost of double ball bearings. The advantages of oil bearing and double ball bearings are assembled, and the disadvantage is that the operation noise increases after the rolling ball is added, but it is still less than the double ball bearing.

3. ---- Hydraulie Bearing

Hydraulie Bearing is improved on the basis of oil bearing. The hydraulic bearing adopts ring type oil circuit unique, largely reduce the leakage problem, than ordinary life bearing is greatly prolonged, and inherits the advantages of oil bearing: low running noise, noise hydraulic bearing significantly reduced, the service life is very long, up to 40000 hours. The hydraulic bearing is still a kind of oil bearing in essence. But this has been improved, and the life span is much longer than the ordinary oil seal bearing, and it inherits the advantages of the oil bearing bearing - the running noise is small.

4. ---- Sleeve Bearing

Sleeve Bearing is the most commonly used bearing at present. It uses lubricants as lubricants and drag reducing agents. The advantages are: the price is very low, and the operation noise at the initial use is also low. Shortcomings: the bearings are easy to wear and have short life. In addition, the bearing is used for a long time, the lubricating oil in the bearing sleeve is easy to leak out, the noise increases, and it will pollute and other accessories.