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How should the fan be maintained

Publish Time:2017-09-10

1、In the use of the environment should be kept clean and tidy, the surface of the fan is clean, there should be no impurities in the inlet and outlet, and regularly remove dust and other debris in fans and pipes.

2、It can operate only under the normal condition of the fan. At the same time, the capacity of the power supply facilities is sufficient, the voltage is stable, and the operation is strictly prohibited. The power supply lines must be private lines, and the temporary lines should not be used for long time.

3、During the operation, the abnormal sound of the fan, the serious heat of the motor, the electrification of the shell, the switch tripping, the failure to start and so on, should be stopped immediately. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to be maintained during the operation of the fan, and the test operation should be carried out for about five minutes after overhaul to confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon and reopen the machine.

4、According to the environmental conditions using irregularly to supplement or replace the bearing grease (motor bearing grease closed without changing the service life of the period), in order to ensure good lubrication fan in the operation process of the gas of not less than 1000 hours / times enclosed bearings and motor bearings, gas filling bearing with zl-3 lithium lubricating oil 1/3, is running short of oil.

5、It should be stored in a dry environment to avoid motor tide. When the fan is stored in the open air, there should be defensive measures. In the storage and transportation process should prevent fan fan bump, so as not to damage.