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Which parts are made up of a small DC cooling fan

Publish Time:2017-06-06

One can be divided into four large parts, the rotor, the stator, the outer frame, the motor (motor) and other small parts.

The structure and several important components of the DC brushless fan are as follows:

1.Fan rotor part

Including fan blades, it is the source of air flow and fan axis, which is used to support balancing fan blades rotation, rotor magnetic ring, permanent magnet, magnetic grade switching speed key, outer ring of magnetic ring, and fixed magnetic ring.

2.Fan stator part

It includes supporting springs, separate bearings, balancing axles and bearings, providing high speed, low friction, long life rotation and buckle. Fixed tuberculosis rotates the whole parts and motor parts to produce rotation direction, and the speed of dynamic size and rotation is the key.

3.Outer frame

It supports fan motor and diversion.

4.Fan motor part

It includes circuit version, control energy consumption and signal access, silicon steel sheet (i.e. stator magnet, winding coil attached), produce magnetic grade propulsion switch, silicon steel upper and lower cover, fixing and insulation.